Recording Studio

Kalovidouris-sound Recording Studio is the most innovative proposal in the field of rehearsal and recording. Designed to the highest standards, it covers even the most demanding musicians. Guided by evolution, it is next to your every musical step, having the necessary knowledge, experience, but also the respect that is required. For Kalovidouris Sound Studio the provision of high quality services is a given and imperative, making it a Leader in the field of music.

The active participation and support during the rehearsal and / or recording with all modern technological means is remarkable.

The facilities of Kalovidouris Sound Studio cover 150 m2, in Volos, Argentina 17. All its spaces are a standard design in ergonomics and design, having four modern and spacious rooms (over 40 m2), as well as comfortable Parking.

The team of Kalovidouris sound Studio, on the one hand, managed to radically change the data in the rehearsal in a short period of time, on the other hand, to contribute qualitatively to the music production and to awaken people who were left in musical inactivity for years.

We are at your disposal to carry it out
every music production – multi-channel recording – sound processing – mixing – mastering for cd or even demo.

A business of this level could not be successful if it were not staffed with adequate human resources with knowledge, experience, passion, mood and above all love for the subject, so it is no coincidence that Kalovidouris sound Studio is the first preference of known and non-known artists.

In short, the services of our studio are:

  • Voice recording
  • Drum recording
  • Recording of solo instruments
  • Recording of choirs
  • Recording outdoors
  • Recording in live concerts
  • Mixing – Mastering
  • Rehearsals with a capacity of 1 to 10 people
    Possibility of live recording during rehearsals with a very good acoustic result thanks to the use of different booths – rooms for the separation of the instruments and the avoidance of collision between the instruments.
  • Production of commercials (radio)
  • Editing old recordings – remix – noise removal etc.

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