Kalovidouris Sound Company

Our company Kalovidouris-sound is active in the field of music technology and event support since 2002 and its cooperation with the most experienced technicians, ensures our customers know-how and reliability.

A competitive advantage of the company Kalovidouris sound is the high quality of equipment and services in relation to the best prices on the market.

We can design and implement any of your ideas.

With the main goal of providing high quality services in the field of professional sound, lighting and audiovisual projection systems, the company relied on the high technical training of its executives and its investments in state-of-the-art equipment.

Our company has already worked with clients, including leading Greek and foreign artists, advertising and production companies, political parties, public services and organizations.

The quality and range of its services has already been certified in the consciousness of the customers, through realized coverages and installations of sound, lighting and audiovisual projection systems, ranging from small events of high quality, to entire artist tours, large advertising campaigns, keynote speeches. and events of public organizations.

What we offer

The issue of reliability is a primary goal for all the people of Kalovidouris-Sound, paying special attention to the specifications of each product, its quality, as well as its safe delivery to you.

An equally important factor for us, as well as reliability, is the performance of our products. This is because the performance of each product is able to allow the full utilization of the qualifications – skills of a DJ (professional or amateur).

Parallel activities:
Our company has always been looking for technologies that ensure the maximum possible quality in the work it performs. Particularly aware in the field of quality sound for large events and holding events.